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Introducing Raytha, the ultimate content management system for .NET developers! Open Source .NET CMS.

With Raytha, you'll be able to quickly and easily kickstart the development of your .NET applications. Its lightweight, fast, and self-hosted design makes it perfect for rapid development and deployment.

  • Create custom content types without any code
  • Integrated Template Engine using popular Liquid syntax
  • Audit logs, role-based access controls, and single sign-on options (SAML and Json Web Token)
  • Supports local file system storage, Azure Blob, and S3-compatible providers
  • Headless REST API automatically generated based on content types

Learn more about Raytha on our website. and the Raytha Youtube channel.

Developer Docs

This site contains documentation for .NET developers. If you are an administrator looking to learn how to use the platform as a user, please view the User Guides.

If you are a developer, start getting up and running quickly

What does Raytha excel at?

Raytha CMS is an ideal platform when you need to build a .NET web application with CleanArchitecture principles that also require login/authentication/RBAC. The platform comes with built-in features like audit logs, content management, and a UI pattern, allowing developers to focus on writing code rather than building common features from scratch.

Some of the key benefits of using Raytha CMS include:

  • Faster development time due to the pre-built features and tools.
  • A consistent and standardized architecture that enables easier maintenance and scalability.
  • Improved security features such as built-in authentication and authorization.
  • Act as both an integrated and Headless CMS.

In summary, if you need to build a .NET web application with CleanArchitecture principles and require login/authentication/RBAC functionality, Raytha CMS could be the perfect platform for you.

When should you avoid Raytha CMS?

While Raytha CMS is a great platform for many use cases, it may not be the best fit for every project. Consider avoiding Raytha CMS if:

  • Your project doesn't require any login/authentication/RBAC functionality.
  • You are building a simple microservice that doesn't require a full-fledged web application framework.
  • You are prohibited from using the CleanArchitecture pattern.

Community support

For general help using Raytha, please refer to official documentation on, the Raytha Youtube channel, or post your questions and feedback in Github Discussions. Keep up to date on Raytha news by following @raythahq on Twitter and Instagram.

You may reach out to the Raytha team if you are interested in learning about paid support or consulting services at We look forward to hearing from you.

Contributing to Raytha

Raytha is open-source software, freely distributable under the terms of an MIT license.

We welcome contributions in the form of feature requests, bug reports, pull requests, or thoughtful discussions in the GitHub discussions and issue tracker. Please see the CONTRIBUTING document for more information.

Raytha was founded by Zack Schwartz @apexdodge